HERMEI SYARI by AGOET HANGGONO Retail 680.000 Member 660.000 Resseler 650.000 Ready 30 maret Material: furing Jersey Korea lapisan ARMANY silk Pj 140cm Ld 115 Busui KHIMAR 2 Lapis

Ori 100%
Fanspage : https://bit.ly/2HFbAxZ

Pemesanan :
1/ Cs1 089602925365 https://bit.ly/2S5CogA
2/ Cs2 089502457430 https://bit.ly/2UiQdpl

*Resseler https://bit.ly/2F01x3G
*Member https://bit.ly/2H3QIkC

Koleksi lengkap rumahjasmine.com klik link dibawah ini 🤗🤗
1/ Po Favorit stok : https://bit.ly/2W2uSBA
2/ Koleksi Po Terbaru: https://bit.ly/2MFaRNW
3/ Ready Limited 24 Jam : https://bit.ly/2DpVEvR
4/ Ready Stok: https://bit.ly/2WpYtpB
5/ Sarimbit :https://bit.ly/2RQj3ka
6/ Sale stok: https://bit.ly/2UjkTau

Find me us on media sosial:
IG1: https://bit.ly/2ReNfQR dan IG2: https://bit.ly/2B46SWw

Fb1: https://bit.ly/2HxKHxK dan Fb2: https://bit.ly/2HzhZfH

Thanks for trust and loyalty

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