Azizah Rempel

Azizah Rempel Retail 330.000 Member 320.000 Resseler 310.000 Ready 28 april material Oxford Motif monalisa Dada jersey Variasi renda rajut Ld 110 cm(bisa melar) Pb 140 cm Busui friendly

Fanspage :

Ori 100%
*Info Resseler
*Info Member

Pemesanan :
1/ Cs1 089602925365
2/ Cs2 089502457430

Koleksi lengkap klik link dibawah ini 🤗🤗
1/ Koleksi Po Favorit stok :

2/ Koleksi Po Terbaru:

3/ Koleksi Ready Limited 24 Jam :

4/ Koleksi Ready Stok:

5/ Koleksi Sarimbit :

6/ Koleksi Sale stok:

Find me us on media sosial:

IG1: dan IG2:

Fb1: dan Fb2:

Thanks for trust and loyalty

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